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My aim is to section hike the Great Western Loop (GWL); a series of interconnected trails that covers more than 6875 miles across the American West. To date, the GWL has only been completed by two cisgender, able-bodied, affluent white males – this sends a message that these spaces are reserved for those that fit that profile. I aim to change the narrative of what it means to be a backpacker, an explorer on our public lands. I am creating space for BIPOC/femme/LGBTQ+/Disabled folks.  I am completing this hike in two parts beginning in the High Sierras in California on the Pacific Crest Trail, ending at the southern border of the Continental Divide Trail Coalition (CDCT) in the fall of 2021. Returning to the CDCT in 2022  where I’ll kick start part two of the trek.