Footprints for Change Hike 

  • Bearikade Wilderness Food Storage Canister – The Scout (only one canister is needed, to avoid duplicate receipts, please email before purchase:
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  • Backpacking Gear Donation 
    ~ Gear must be functional, lightweight, practical.
    ~Oh, and finally, the Gear should be beneficial for the trek. If in doubt, send an email to
  • Backpacking Food Donation 
    ~Food must be easy (one bowl/pot, no simmering) and quick (<few minutes) to prepare.
    ~Food must be low volume (small packaging) while providing the nutrition.
    ~Food should require a minimal amount of water (</= 8 oz).
    ~Food must taste good!
    ~Oh, and finally, the calories per ounce. My goal is for the daily average to be 150 calories per ounce. If in doubt, send an email to