Time in nature has been shown to improve individual growth and self-assurance, interpersonal skills, physical competence, and increased respect for the natural world. Only Footprints promotes meaningful social change through nature-based experiences and connection to the natural world for BIPOC youth.


Nature encourages creativity, investigation, stewardship, connection, and a sense of peace. Through nature, BIPOC youth can be reminded of their cultural resilience instead of cultural narratives of trauma. Connection to the natural world during early adolescence influences both environmental attitudes and behaviors into adulthood.


  We believe in youth-centered exploration, awareness, and connection to the natural world. We understand the vital interdependence of nature, community, connection, ancestry, and self. Only Footprints takes BIPOC youth to natural environments such as the lakes, mountains, hiking trails, and open/outdoor spaces. We use nature-based experiences as a tool for team building, communication, and peacemaking.


We understand that community is a vital resource for the (emotional or physical) development of BIPOC youth. We believe a connection with nature is needed to ensure the health and wellbeing of BIPOC youth. We are committed to making our program available to BIPOC youth by bridging socioeconomic and cultural barriers.